Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the ICFF - International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Now if you're like me, you've never heard of it. So below is a brief description and some pictures I took.

Held at NYC's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center it is a global summit for what's best and what's next in design. North America's singular showcase for contemporary design, the ICFF draws the most intrepid seekers of design truth and design trends to an extraordinary exhibition of the most inspired models of design on the forefront, as well as thought-provoking programs and a schedule of supplementary exhibits and features. 

More than 550 exhibitors displayed contemporary furniture, lighting, materials, accessories and textiles. This assemblage of national and international exhibitors affords the chance to experience the most selective scope of the world's finest, most creative, individual and original avant-garde - handily and temptingly showcased in one venue.

Come on, be honest, who doesn't want to be a designer?

When you first walked in, they had an artist doing graffiti. 

Above the artist was a plastic installation that when viewed from far away was a butterfly. 
Oh, just some lights made from corrugated cardboard. No big deal. 

This booth was made from metal flowers. Beautiful. 
This "qlock" spelled out the time. 
It's all yours for $950 - I say that's affordable for superb design. 

DIY furniture is the future!

This sculpture had these "eggs" that lit up and made sounds when you 
placed them in their nests. Serene and relaxing.
I want one . . .

Cut it out! This was a pop up book made by a student. Each piece is cut out and 
spray painted silver. I wonder how long this took.

PaperSelf had a demo of their paper lashes. 
They looked awesome, but what happens if you cry?