Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hypergraphia/The Cup Drawings - Gwyneth Leech

An Installation of Drawings on Upcycled Paper Coffee Cups

With Leech's diverse background in painting, video, ceramics, calligraphy and printmaking, the cup series began as a casual outgrowth of her compelling urge to draw wherever she is. One day, without a sketchbook handy, Leech used what was available in the moment. The curved form, challenge of working with existing shapes, colors and text and the infinite possibilities of expressive variation have become as addictive as the caffeinated beverage the cup once contained. In addition to raising issues of consumerism, post-consumer waste and environmental concerns the cups are essentially about what environmental concerns the cups are essentially about what drawing is: a conversation mark making and surface.

The artist will be on site Monday to Friday 11:20 AM - 1 PM drawing and adding to the installation.

Cups are available for purchase through the Cheryl McGinnis Gallery.
555 Eighth Avenue @ 38th Street, 7th Floor

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