Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maki Mania

Living outside of Manhattan has its perks - space, space and more space. Plus the food! And the shopping! Well, we can add amazing manicures to the list too. 

What’s that going on in the front windows of Shen Beauty on Court Street in Cobble Hill? Performance art? An Installation? No, it’s just Maki Sakamoto—the manicurist legendary in fashion circles for her knows-no-boundaries freehand nail art—giving one of her awe-inspiring manicures. Since returning from a trip home to Osaka this spring, Maki decamped from her post at NoLita’s Valley nail salon to her new perch—literally, on a podium in the window on weekends—at Shen.

Working by special appointment, Maki is up to her old tricks (rhinestones, glitter tips, custom-mixed glitters and shades), but she has added quite a few new ones, too. Current favorites include 3-D stars, assorted paillettes, bits of lace, and a new tie-dye nail she’s been experimenting with. But what Maki really loves is a challenge: Would you like nails to match your exploding comic–print Miu Miu top or floral Stella trench? What about Prada stripes or a mini rendition of a painting you saw at the New Museum’s Condo show? Maki’s game for anything. She’s especially into Union Jacks in different colors, like grey and black. It’s a taste unrelated to the upcoming royal nuptials. “It’s cool I think,” she says. “I just like it.”
Written by: Stephanie LaCava

Friday, April 29, 2011

Congrats Will + Kate!

If you didn't know, the dress was by Alexander McQueen creative director Sarah Burton. She looked lovely!

Alexander McQueen creative director Sarah Burton makes an official statement on Catherine Middleton's wedding gown and explains why she kept her involvement a secret:
It has been the experience of a lifetime to work with Catherine Middleton to create her wedding dress, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. It was such an incredible honour to be asked, and I am so proud of what we and the Alexander McQueen team have created. I am delighted that the dress represents the best of British craftsmanship. Alexander McQueen's designs are all about bringing contrasts together to create startling and beautiful clothes and I hope that by marrying traditional fabrics and lacework, with a modern structure and design we have created a beautiful dress for Catherine on her wedding day.

Will the Real Daphne Please Stand Up

NO word sufficiently sums up Daphne Guinness. Eccentric seems too quaint for a woman who recently had a pair of shoes fabricated to resemble knives. No, the Real Daphne (@TheRealDaphne) may be closer to the spirit of 19th-century romantic adventurers. She takes risks.
Markus Klinko & Indrani
Daphne Guiness in Hogan McLaughlin's knife boots. 
Her latest is to appear in a window at Barneys on May 2, dressed in featheryAlexander McQueen for the Costume Institute gala, which will celebrate his work. She is expected to enter at 5 p.m., in one of four windows devoted to pieces from her closet as well as from the collection of the late Isabella Blow, with hats by Philip Treacy and objects by the jeweler Shaun Leane, all friends of Mr. McQueen.
“I am not doing a burlesque — no way,” she said from Paris, where she was filming a movie. “I’m going to be getting dressed behind something. I’m not Dita Von Teese, nor shall I be.”
Initially, Dennis Freedman, the store’s creative director, proposed displaying some of her clothes, with cards noting where each thing was worn. “Like a social diary,” he said. “Then Daphne said, ‘Why don’t I get dressed in your window?’ I thought, ‘Oh, my God, of course.’ ”
There is a long history of live windows at Barneys, according to Simon Doonan, the creator of many displays. He recalled live windows in honor of the Duke and Duchess of York (“when they were together”) and others with the actual celebrities. “Donatella Versaceloved it.”
Ms. Guinness wanted to recognize Ms. Blow, whose wardrobe of McQueen clothes she bought last year. “I know it’s the right thing to do because he’d be mortified if she wasn’t somewhere represented,” she said. In recognition of new talent, she also wants to include pieces by Hogan McLaughlin, whom she met on Twitter. He designed a cat suit with stretch panels “so it looks like I’ve been flayed alive,” as Ms. Guinness said.
The windows (without Ms. Guinness) will be up for a few weeks. “There’s been this discussion for longer than I’ve been alive that fashion is not art,” she said. “My feeling is that this is another piece of evidence that, yes, there is a commercial side to fashion that is needed, but there are these crossover moments that do become art.” She paused. “I hope it works, and I don’t faint.”
Written by: Cathy Horyn

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Helmut Newton Polaroids Book

I've always leaned towards the nostalgia and came across this picture heavy book to be released this June - Helmut Newton Polaroids Book. Gorgeous! 

This June Taschen will release the Helmut Newton Polaroids Book. Newton saved his test Polaroids, allowing a privileged and rare chance to see the tests from a selection of his greatest shoots over a period of decades. Put together by his widow, June Newton, his collection captures the magic of Helmut Newton photo shoots as only Polaroids can.
Legend has said that on Newton shoots, if anyone were to ask for one of his Polaroids as a keepsake, (whether you were model, stylist, hair dresser or Paris Vogue editor) he’d ask for cash. Helmut Newton Polaroids have gone for as much as $50,000.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Fashion & Style Director for W Magazine

Less than a month after Vogue style director Alexandra Kotur departed for Town & Country, contributing fashion editor Edward Enninful is heading to W to take over Alex White’s post as fashion and style director. White, who has been with the title for 16 years while working extensively as a stylist and creative director on the side, has stepped down to focus on her own projects.

“I’m very, very happy that she stayed on board and that she didn’t leave when Dennis [Freedman] left,” W’s editor in chief Stefano Tonchi said. “I think she lived through these very difficult months and delivered great fashion and great stories.” 

Before Condé Nast hired Tonchi to lead W last March, there were rumors that White was lobbying heavily for the top job at the magazine and even asked Karl Lagerfeld to write a letter of endorsement to company chairman S.I. Newhouse Jr. But Tonchi said he and White never had problems working together. “I think there are always so many gossips and so much talk that I don’t pay much attention. I don’t know if she did or if she didn’t,” Tonchi said. “It was her right to try to get this job. I think that was not against me, that was just something she tried to get for herself.”

According to Tonchi, he kept in close touch with White over the last year about whether she wanted to stay at the magazine, and ultimately the decision for her to leave was mutual. “She’s thinking very much about her own brand — the Alex White brand — and at a certain point that’s no longer what W is about,” he added.

“Totally on the same page,” White told WWD. “I helped with getting over the hump. Now it’s time for me to continue my freelance and explore the other things I’m working on,” including digital projects.

Tonchi indicated White is thinking about starting a magazine of her own, possibly online.

He announced the latest change during a production meeting in the magazine’s offices at 1166 Avenue of the Americas on Tuesday morning. Enninful and White were not present. One source at the magazine explained that White had a consistently full slate of side work with two small children and was often out of the office.

“Now I’m going to be focusing my editorial prowess on W,” Enninful said. His engagements as a freelance stylist for American and Italian Vogue, where he’s worked for more than a decade, are coming to an end. “Whenever a relationship ends it’s very sad,” he said.

Enninful said he likes the new direction of W under Tonchi and called the magazine a “great American institution and a great fashion institution.” “Pop culture, fashion, society — W is the original place for that,” he continued.

White was one of the last vestiges of the old guard at W, and with her departure the top tier of the masthead has completely turned over since Tonchi’s appointment. Beauty director Jane Larkworthy and senior editors Diane Solway and Jenny Comita are the highest-ranked editorial staffers remaining from the Patrick McCarthy era. McCarthy is the former chairman and editorial director of W. 

With the addition of Enninful, whose family comes from Ghana, the W masthead is looking increasingly like the United Nations General Assembly, with delegates from Italy (Tonchi), Cuba (creative director Alex Gonzalez) and Colombia (features director Armand Limnander). Tonchi spoke highly of Enninful’s international background and his roots in independent fashion publishing. He began at i-D magazine in the U.K. as a teenager, before going on to work as a stylist for Vogues around the world. Tonchi said that Enninful will also be a great match for the new mood at the magazine.

“I was interested in his talent, but more than anything, the spirit of Edward,” Tonchi said. “Edward is a very positive, open, sunny person. He really captured my imagination.” 

Tonchi and Enninful were seated next to each other at dinner for Balenciaga designer Nicola Ghesquière during Paris fashion week earlier this year, and they hit it off. “I didn’t really think about hiring him, I just thought he was incredibly joyful,” Tonchi added. They began discussing a job at the magazine earlier this month and talks moved forward quickly from there. Enninful’s first day is May 1. 

Assistant managing editor Carl Germann is also leaving W to take over as managing editor of Martha Stewart Living. 


Get Blocky

This looks like so much fun and to put those creative ideas to good use. . . the winning something doesn't hurt either.

Enter The PG Color Blocking Contest!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boy In High Heels Removed From Class

I'm all for equality. So when I came across this article I thought to myself "how is this news-worthy?" Give me a break. Take a look at the video here.   

RIVERVIEW - A pair of high heels got a Bay Area student sent to the principal's office after he wore them to class.
"He likes the way they make him feel. They make him feel more confident, and he just likes to wear them," said Riverview High School senior Hayley Stepp, who says she's a friend of the student.
Stepp says he's proud of who he is, but embarrassed now.
"The first time he felt shame was when he was called out of school," said Stepp.
A teacher called the principal's office. That teacher said the boy's shoes were disrupting the classroom. Principal Bob Heilmann says there was name calling. He asked the student to take off the heels.
"As a principal of a high school, I have to take the paternal side and make sure he's going to be okay," said Heilmann, afraid the boy would be bullied. "Anytime anyone goes out from, quote, 'the norm' or anytime anyone wants to make a statement, you have to be willing to take what comes with it."
Riverview students we talked to believe most at the school are accepting of students expressing themselves however they want, and don't care who wears high heels -- even if they don't like it.
"I don't think guys should wear heels. Personally, that's my opinion," said Junior Kjai Betts.
Sophomore Sarah Strawn says she was in class with the student when he was asked to step out of the room.
"I think it wasn't really that big of a deal. If he wants to do it, then he can do it," Strawn said.
Principal Heilmann says any attire that's a distraction is a problem, but the student guidebook doesn't specify what types of shoes male and female students have to wear.
Some students really took the issue to heart, organizing a small protest.
"One boy wore a dress on Monday and after we chatted about it, he decided not to," said Heilmann, saying that boy went and changed his clothes. "I was concerned about his safety."
Heilmann says he thinks self expression is a wonderful thing, but he did what he felt was best for the student.
He says boys are allowed to wear heels at Riverview -- unless students are paying attention to the shoes instead of class.
The student who wore the heels was not disciplined. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Comfortable Stilettos?

If the title of this post sounds skeptical, well, it is. Designer Raphael Young claims to have found the cure for comfy sky high stilettos - flexible soles.  

One shoe designer may have created the solution to stiletto lovers' agonising pain.
Raphael Young claims to have made 'the most comfortable high heel ever.'
With a rubber sole, R-Flex shoes are as flexible as a 'ballerina' flat.
Using special technology, the softness of the shoe and leather sole minimises foot inflection, thus preventing twisting and injury.
At around £350 for a pair of plain courts, they're not exactly affordable - but it's a small price to pay for comfort.
The French cobbler's idea began in 2009 while visiting a shoe factory where the owner explained he was looking to create shoes that mimick the foot's natural movement when walking. 
Young spent years working on an idea and when he received extra investment, he plunged the funds into his new project. 
He said: 'After trials and tests in the factory, I found the technical solution to make shoes as flexible and comfy as a ballerina.
'We patented it.'
The shoes have been a success so far - even among die-hard fashionistas.
Kay Barron, Grazia's fashion news and features editor, praised the new footwear.
She said:'The Raphael Young shoes are supremely flexible and comfy – surprisingly considering how high they are.
'I wore them for a whole day during London Fashion Week and there was no burning pain, or numb toes!'

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Style Advice From A Power Couple

One half of Vena Cava + one half of Shipley & Halmos = Beyond good taste when it comes to everything. Details recently did an interview with Lisa Mayock and Jeff Halmos and got their advice on grooming, travel and personal style. 

Find your uniform
Lisa: "Jeff wears a version of the same thing every day that really works. It's a pair of slim jeans with desert boots and a collared shirt. The proportions are almost always the same, and it all suits him perfectly."
Lose the messenger
Lisa: "I can't stand nylon messenger bags. Something like a 
Filson I'm fine with, but the black ones from the early 2000s that a lot of people still carry need to die."
Choose a grooming regimen that works for you
Jeff: "I've had a 
Braun beard trimmer for almost 10 years. I got it at a drugstore for, like, 20 bucks. It still works great—it keeps my beard nice and trim. And I love my cheap Oral-B Vitality toothbrush. I don't get any cavities, and my mouth feels so good afterwards. My dentist is always like, 'Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!'"
Lisa: "I use this Hermès Eau d'Orange Verte deodorant. I like men's colognes more than women's, because women's stuff smells like baby powder."
Don't overlook your lighting
Lisa: "The orb lightbulbs in our bedroom are from a place Jeff turned me on to called 
Canal Lighting & Parts in SoHo. It's got every single lightbulb known to man, and now I'm obsessed with expensive lightbulbs for the aesthetic effect they have, which can really change a room."
Remember the classics
Jeff: "For a long time, the album I've gone back to has been—and still is—
Led Zeppelin. I just watched this awesome YouTube video of a live recording of 'How Many More Times,' where they've got the long hair and the kids in the audience are clapping like they never do anymore."
Lisa: "Any of that Phil Spector-produced girl-group stuff from the sixties I just love."
Visit a local bookstore
Jeff: "I like 
Printed Matter in Chelsea, because you can find something new every time. It's like Target. I'll go and be like, 'Damn it, I just spent $75!' because they just have such a clever assortment of printed materials and books you won't get on Amazon."
Go your own way
Jeff: "The last thing I read that I loved was 
The Fountainhead, around the time we started Shipley & Halmos. The idea of doing things your way and not compromising really resonated with me at that particular time."
Go off-season
Jeff: "You can find much better options for hotels and flights. We went to St. Tropez early last summer and managed to completely avoid the crowds but still enjoy warm, sunny weather."
Talk to fellow travelers
Jeff: "In Costa Rica, we had one of the most amazing meals—super-local, no tourists—thanks to a conversation I had with a guy in the hotel room next to ours."
Think like a local
Lisa: "You get the flavor of a place when you hit the markets early. In St. Tropez we found one with all this furniture and clothes and fresh food. We ate so much cheese, it was ridiculous."
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Super Convenient Sunglasses

Hooray for the weekend! Now here is some super eye candy that we should all have for this summer - foldable, compact, sleek, chic Burberry sunglasses. Warm days are near! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blurring Lines

Plenty of celebs were snapped at Coachella last weekend, but the picture that got the most play was the one of Kanye West in women’s Spring 2011 Celine. Our first thought: Was Dan Gainor notified? (Gainor, in case you missed “Toemaggedon,” is one of the conservative media critics who criticized J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons for painting her son’s toes pink, calling it “gender-bending.”) Our second: You gotta give Kanye credit; he’s got great taste in girls’ clothes. He’s not alone. Lately, we’ve noticed a lot of men sporting women’s runway looks. Take Andrew Mukamal, current sittings assistant atSeventeen and former employee of Kelly Cutrone, and wearer of Balenciagaand Proenza Schouler. “It’s pretty simple,” he said, explaining his interest in fashion designed for the opposite sex. “Women have more options. Their collections explore different shapes, fabrics, prints, colors, proportions. Menswear collections don’t go there.” Some women might beg to differ, though. On the flip side, we’ve recently noticed a few fashionable girls succumbing to the allure of a well-cut men’s jacket, starting with Anna Dello Russo in Umit Benan and Taylor Tomasi Hill inComme des Garçons. (