Monday, April 25, 2011

Comfortable Stilettos?

If the title of this post sounds skeptical, well, it is. Designer Raphael Young claims to have found the cure for comfy sky high stilettos - flexible soles.  

One shoe designer may have created the solution to stiletto lovers' agonising pain.
Raphael Young claims to have made 'the most comfortable high heel ever.'
With a rubber sole, R-Flex shoes are as flexible as a 'ballerina' flat.
Using special technology, the softness of the shoe and leather sole minimises foot inflection, thus preventing twisting and injury.
At around £350 for a pair of plain courts, they're not exactly affordable - but it's a small price to pay for comfort.
The French cobbler's idea began in 2009 while visiting a shoe factory where the owner explained he was looking to create shoes that mimick the foot's natural movement when walking. 
Young spent years working on an idea and when he received extra investment, he plunged the funds into his new project. 
He said: 'After trials and tests in the factory, I found the technical solution to make shoes as flexible and comfy as a ballerina.
'We patented it.'
The shoes have been a success so far - even among die-hard fashionistas.
Kay Barron, Grazia's fashion news and features editor, praised the new footwear.
She said:'The Raphael Young shoes are supremely flexible and comfy – surprisingly considering how high they are.
'I wore them for a whole day during London Fashion Week and there was no burning pain, or numb toes!'

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