Sunday, April 24, 2011

Style Advice From A Power Couple

One half of Vena Cava + one half of Shipley & Halmos = Beyond good taste when it comes to everything. Details recently did an interview with Lisa Mayock and Jeff Halmos and got their advice on grooming, travel and personal style. 

Find your uniform
Lisa: "Jeff wears a version of the same thing every day that really works. It's a pair of slim jeans with desert boots and a collared shirt. The proportions are almost always the same, and it all suits him perfectly."
Lose the messenger
Lisa: "I can't stand nylon messenger bags. Something like a 
Filson I'm fine with, but the black ones from the early 2000s that a lot of people still carry need to die."
Choose a grooming regimen that works for you
Jeff: "I've had a 
Braun beard trimmer for almost 10 years. I got it at a drugstore for, like, 20 bucks. It still works great—it keeps my beard nice and trim. And I love my cheap Oral-B Vitality toothbrush. I don't get any cavities, and my mouth feels so good afterwards. My dentist is always like, 'Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!'"
Lisa: "I use this Herm├Ęs Eau d'Orange Verte deodorant. I like men's colognes more than women's, because women's stuff smells like baby powder."
Don't overlook your lighting
Lisa: "The orb lightbulbs in our bedroom are from a place Jeff turned me on to called 
Canal Lighting & Parts in SoHo. It's got every single lightbulb known to man, and now I'm obsessed with expensive lightbulbs for the aesthetic effect they have, which can really change a room."
Remember the classics
Jeff: "For a long time, the album I've gone back to has been—and still is—
Led Zeppelin. I just watched this awesome YouTube video of a live recording of 'How Many More Times,' where they've got the long hair and the kids in the audience are clapping like they never do anymore."
Lisa: "Any of that Phil Spector-produced girl-group stuff from the sixties I just love."
Visit a local bookstore
Jeff: "I like 
Printed Matter in Chelsea, because you can find something new every time. It's like Target. I'll go and be like, 'Damn it, I just spent $75!' because they just have such a clever assortment of printed materials and books you won't get on Amazon."
Go your own way
Jeff: "The last thing I read that I loved was 
The Fountainhead, around the time we started Shipley & Halmos. The idea of doing things your way and not compromising really resonated with me at that particular time."
Go off-season
Jeff: "You can find much better options for hotels and flights. We went to St. Tropez early last summer and managed to completely avoid the crowds but still enjoy warm, sunny weather."
Talk to fellow travelers
Jeff: "In Costa Rica, we had one of the most amazing meals—super-local, no tourists—thanks to a conversation I had with a guy in the hotel room next to ours."
Think like a local
Lisa: "You get the flavor of a place when you hit the markets early. In St. Tropez we found one with all this furniture and clothes and fresh food. We ate so much cheese, it was ridiculous."
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