Friday, May 27, 2011

Hotel Missoni Opens In Kuwait

Someone take me here - please? Well, shopping the Target x Missoni in September will just have to suffice. Check it out here.

The new Missoni Hotel in Kuwait held its official launch party this week, a timely reminder that when it comes to fashion hotels, travelers just can’t get enough.

Guests have been able to check in at Missoni since the hotel opened its doors in February, but this week’s star-studded launch saw three generations of the Missoni family on hand to launch their second property — and confirm that properties in Oman, Brazil and Turkey are in the pipeline.

The Kuwait property now features the 18th floor Luna restaurant with views of the Gulf, although it’s still not quite complete as the 1,500 Six Senses Spa still isn’t open.

All 169 of the hotel’s rooms face the sea and feature gold patterning and rich colors which the hotel describes as “unmistakably Missoni,” with a further 63 suites that feature dining and lounge quarters in addition to the bedroom

For fashion lovers, that — and the 50,000-DVD ‘history of fashion’ film library — sounds like paradise. For everyone else, there’s always the Burj Al Arab.

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