Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Non "It" Bag

It's the latest sell-out designer bag that has got the fashion crowd talking, Chances are though, you might never spot one. That is because the style cognoscenti's new must-have appears at first glance to be a plain old carrier bag. With no logos, no luxury leather lining and no weighty hardware, this is masterful understatement at its best. 

Of course, it's no ordinary carrier bag. This one, designed by Jil Sander, might look for all the world like a glorified Sainsbury's bag but according to the sales pitch, it is a 'contemporary carry-all,' crafted lovingly in 'acetate' (not plain old plastic, then) and retailing at £90. 
That's a darn sight more than the 5p Marks & Spencer charge for theirs. It's the anti 'It bag', dubbed the utility bag. It is functional, discreet and logo-free. Prada's £480 nylon rucksack - last seen in the 80s and currently enjoying a resurgence thanks to its under-the-radar exorbitance - is another example of this new brand of utility chic, as is the £4,200 python gym bag from ultra-luxe label Reed Krakoff. The surge of popularity for the utility bag comes as part of the fashion circle's wider rejection of overt luxury logos and, in particular, the gaudy It bag with its ostentatious metal-work and signature emblems that has become so prevalent among today's celebrities. Fashion say the It bag backlash comes in part as a reaction to high profile label-lovers like Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham and the Kardashians - and even now, thanks to their performance at Kate and William's wedding, the royals.

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