Sunday, February 19, 2012


Love it! Stumbled across these zingers of a ring by Jungyun Yoon. On the outside, these rings look clean and simple, but when taken off - an imprint of a saying is revealed. Diggin' the "always" ring.

A little more about Junyun Yoon:
Jungyun Yoon was born in Seoul. Her career in design was influenced by her father who enjoys various kinds of sports as a dentist and her mother who has always told her about life and philosophy as a pharmacist. These unique parents made her appreciate various people and culture.She has lived in New York for a year working at several design firms, and moved back in Seoul. After her graduation from one of the best art schools in South Korea, Hongik University, she opened her own studio as a product designer in 2008.She talks about hidden beauty and happiness through her products.

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