Thursday, March 29, 2012

Counterfeit No No

I know a few people who think buying fakes/counterfeit merchandise is, ummm - errrr . . . well they think it's fabulous to not drop a load of money and still look spectacular. They've even tried to persuade me to join their side (oh the shame! I kid, I kid.). I always politely decline because for me I like the thrill of actually owning the real thing and appreciating a designer's craft means something to me. (I know, a goody goody - no fun, blah blah blah.)

Well, the same motto hangs true for another individual - Mr. Manolo Blahnik himself. Don't let him catch you wearing a fake, he will definitely tell you a thing or two! Case in point - read below.

He says he saw two Chinese women sporting shoes that were unmistakably of his design, "but in a wonderful color I had never seen before. So I asked: 'Where did you get your shoes?' 'Manolo Blahnik.' I said: 'No, my dear: these are not Manolo, these are plastic! With a horrid little plastic buckle!'"

Good for him! Love it!

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