Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Natalia Brilli's "Sheathing" Spectacular

I first stumbled upon Natalia Brilli's wrapped leather objects when I spotted it on designer - Jen Kao's wrist. Not quite a wactch, and almost a bracelet but none the less, super cool! 

Taking up to 4 days for each individual piece to make, Brilli uses a technique from the 1930s in which she has dubbed "sheathing". Using objects that have been fetished/worshipped (i.e. pearl necklaces, microphones or skateboards) - she strips them down to its core and wraps them in a special leather that has been tanned in secret method she won't divulge. 

Secret or not - these objects are subtle, understated but scream Margiela-like quirky cool. Love!  

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