Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tommy Ton's Big Splurge

You know Tommy Ton - founder of Jak & Jil, street photographer, style stalker and trend spotter on the real runway. But photographing all of those gorgeous clothes and accessories must take a toll on Ton who recently spent the average person's salary on clothes! I can't blame him, it's hard to look but not touch. 

Over the past year Tommy Ton has not regretted anything he bought including one little incident on a night he couldn't quite catch some Zzzz's on:

"I couldn’t fall asleep one night after the shows, so I was scrounging online to find something to calm myself down. I bought a jacket, which cost me $2,900 including customs and duties, and I was like, 'now I can calm down,' and that was at seven in the morning!"

Hey Tommy, I understand. . .

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