Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Prabal Gurung x Target

“I was still in school at the time and I remember telling myself that one day, I hope I get to do this—I remember it so vividly. I have thought about this collaboration for the longest period of time.” - Prabal Gurung

The next designer set to collab with Target is Prabal Gurung, who already has two pieces under his belt for the Neiman Marcus + Target Holiday collection that is set to hit stores in December.

For his Target collection, Gurung's iconic prints and graphics will be sold right before Valentine's Day - February 10, 2013.  Check out some sneak peek images below. Can't wait to see the full 80 piece collection of women's clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags!

“I was looking at my own personal journey. I started with zero, nothing, and now am doing this collaboration with a major brand like Target,” he says. “I am a product of love and support from the fashion industry, so I thought, ‘How do I make it a story about love?’” In particular, he fantasized over the Prabal woman’s milestones in romance, like the first kiss, the first date, etc. “I imagined this girl and the diary she kept during that time, and then right before she got married, she went back and read it. It is literally her journey—it is kind of where I am in my career today,” says Gurung. - 

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