Monday, October 22, 2012

The Front Runner Is - Haute Hippie Embellished Maxi Skirt

Two juxtapositions that are perfect for now: daytime shine and casual glam. Now let me explain . . .

A few days ago, a hint of shine caught my eye so of course I had to investigate. My eyes spotted a woman wearing a maxi sequin skirt paired with casual suede booties and a slightly over sized pullover sweater. When you usually put those three items together, you might think 90s disheveled Courtney Love walking the red carpet - but actually it all worked beautifully. Sort of like the above picture featuring the Haute Hippie embellished maxi skirt

Need for further proof on how to pair the usually thought of evening sequin skirt for a daytime look? Look no further because here a couple of more ideas:

1. Pair the high-shine skirt with a casual sweater. Keeping the two items in the same color family will help you look more pulled together.

 2. An over sized boyfriend blazer helps the skirt look more polished and sophisticated. Keep hair and accessories simple to make sure your skirt takes center stage.


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