Thursday, November 1, 2012

Get A Piece of Garance Doré For Your Home

For anyone that follows fashion bloggers, the name Garance Doré is probably very familiar to you. If you haven't heard of her, let's make a long story short and just say she is one of the best illustrators around and is known for her blog that features her photography, style and work. Now you can have a piece of her artwork in your home starting at a mere $35.

If a blogger gives you her own personal advice shopping at Zara but is often seen rubbing shoulders with fashion's elite and attends all the latest and greatest fashion shows, you know her advice has gotta be good. 

Her fans not only follow her blog daily, but also adore her illustrations as well. So when they requested to be able purchase her illustrations, she of course obliged. In about two weeks, Doré will sell her prints and posters of her fashion illustrations on her website.  Starting at $35, they'll arrive just in time for you to gift to your friends and family, or maybe even a nice little gift for yourself. Either way, it's an affordable way to spruce up your digs. 

*All images by Garance Doré