Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grandpa Style - 72 Year Old Grandfather Models Granddaughter's Clothing

Move over Gangnam style, a 72 year old grandfather models his granddaughter's clothes on Yecco (China's version of eBay) and creates "Grandpa style".

Donning aviator sunnies and a pair of thigh-high socks (not to mention mini skirts and girly shades of pink), former farmer Liu Qianping has become an overnight sensation.

So why is Liu wearing women's clothing? Because one day he was going through Lv's box of clothing and tried on a hot pink cloack, it looked great on him and his granddaughter, Lv Ting, starting taking pictures of him that were later posted online to her business on Yecco. Since posting the pictures, her business has gained 5x more in sales.

"I wasn't intended to raise the sales. It's just for fun, for both my grandfather and me. I'm surprised that this went viral online," Lv said. Others are dubbing these pictures as "Grampa Style" and can't wait to see more photographs.

So is Liu unhappy about all the extra attention? "My grandfather is happier than before, he enjoys being interviewed; he calls our relatives at our hometown about his experiences here in the city," Lv said.

Maybe Advanced Style should take note and start traveling the world to find his "stylish and creative older folks".

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