Saturday, December 8, 2012

Your Own Hermés Birkin Bag For Under $400?


Okay, maybe it's not the Birkin bag you had in mind, but it's probably as close as most of us are going to get for now. 

Designer Agnieszka Biernacka uses Legos as her medium and has created a tribute to the iconic bag for the price tag of $400. There are also other styles of accessories made from Legos that are just as functional available for purchase in her Etsy store.

A little about the designer:

"I've been making jewelry with LEGO® bricks from beginning of 2009. First - as it is mostly the case - the designs were fairly simple and used only a few colors. Now I have way over 2000 designs and use more than 40 different colors. I am also thinking more and more about some bigger forms, but this takes time.

Since I make my living with this, I have to be very strict with quality and cannot offer to sell anything that is less than perfect. This means you will get jewelry as precisely and carefully crafted as "handmade" can be.

My jewelry is being sold in many countries now, in places like handmade shops or contemporary art museum gift shops. I do hope that you will also be satisfied when you decide to buy what you like."- Agnieszka Biernacka

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