Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two Is Better Than One

When it comes to handbags - is two better than one? Or even three?

*Img via Vogue Japan February 2013
Well, to be honest - it depends. 

Let's start by the agenda you have. 

A. If you're heading to work and have a sh*t load of stuff (i.e. paperwork, laptop, lunch, etc.) than I could foresee an extra tote or so. 

B. You're heading out for personal reasons whether it be a lunch with friends or night out in the city. Do you need two bags? One for your phone, cash/credit cards and keys. The other (because how much can a small crossbody/clutch really hold) for a lipstick (or if you're me, Rosebud Salve), a little bit of makeup for touch-ups, handheld mirror, breath mints or maybe an extra pair of underwear (who knows)?

If you're iffy on the look, check out Miroslava Duma donning two Boy Chanel flap bags. She holds them as if they were her fashion holsters. Even Susie Bubble knows how to rock two outfit coordinating handbags that are effortlessly strung across her body.

All I'm saying is maybe carrying two bags shouldn't be looked at as another method of carrying items but more as bold fashion statement. 

Miroslava Duma

Fearne Cotton

Man Repeller (Img via Man Repeller)

Susie Bubble

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