Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Is Marc Jacobs The Next Big Movie Star?

Last Thursday night, Jacobs held a private screening of "Disconnect", a movie that he plays a small role in.

After the screening, the film's director, Henry Alex Rubin, asked Marc a few questions. However, Jacobs could not stop raving about the on-set catering and their macaroni and cheese - something that he had not ate in several years. 

The film revolves around social media and how the influx of information has redefined the way in which people connect. Designer Maria Cornejo resonated with the film and even shared that her daughter had posted a text exchange between the two of them on her personal Facebook page. Cornejo said, "Hey, that was a private conversation." 

Disconnect makes its premiere April 12, 2013 at limited theaters. Watch the trailer here.