Thursday, March 14, 2013

It Takes The Right Tulle

Taylor Tomasi is always someone you can rely on to stand out stylistically time and time again.

Who else could have thought of this unexpected combination of an over-sized (Chandler from Friends reminiscent) sweater vest over a blouse and khaki skirt with tulle peeking out?

Although the skirt is a recycled number from Spring 2011 (nothing wrong with that!), this skirt is always a hands-down winner.

 Taking style cues from Hill, here's how you can replicate it yourself.

J Crew Men's Merino Sweater Vest - check.

Equipment Slim Signature Crinkled Silk-Chiffon Shirt - check.

And the show stopping skirt goes to: Michael Van Der Ham's Embellished Velvet-Jacquard, Organza and Silk-Blend Midi Skirt - check!!!