Friday, November 15, 2013

Tom Ford's Advice For Everyone In Fashion

- "Trust your instincts when it comes to design."

- " Never sell a controlling interest in your name." A few million now will seem like a lot to you, but one day, when you are the success you know you can be, you will regret this."

- "If you're ever in talks with a potential investor or financial backer, and they bring in their wife's blouse to show you for inspiration, run. If your president or chief executive officer thinks they know the difference between dark burgundy and aubergine, fire them. My point is, if your brand is to have a strong identity, it must come from you."

- "If you're designing your own label, then know yourself."

- "If you become well-kown as a designer, you give the world your taste. What you create will carry your distinct personality. No matter what I do as a designer, I will always be pegged as the sexy designer who always does black. Miuccia Prada is the intelligent designer. Yves Saint Laurent was the delicate suffering designer, and so on." - WWD


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